Curriculum Plan

Chinese New Year Celebration Week

We have been talking about celebrating Chinese New Year with the
kids. They have taken upon the idea very well. We have been making
Chinese lanterns for the New Year. We were fortunate enough to
receive PowerPoint presentation from Marissa who is a teacher in
Finches group and is from China.

We will be learning and doing crafts on Chinese Lunar Calendar. As
food is a big part of celebrating the New year in Chinese culture, we
showed Parrots selection of Chinese food and they showed the most
interest in having noodles. Children wanted to have chicken, eggs,
pepper, carrots, peas, soya sauce and ketchup with the noodles. They
also added that they would like to have salad (tomatoes, carrots,
spinach, cucumber and pepper) alongside. If we have enough time, we will make dumplings as well.